AIWS and the Age of Global Enlightenment

The Artificial Intelligence World Society Initiative (AIWS) was founded and announced by Governor Michael Dukakis and Nguyen Anh Tuan in November 2017 as a means of counteracting harmful and unethical uses of AI and building the 7-layer model of the AI World Society, a foundation for the Age of Global Enlightenment.

AIWS seeks to advance the common good through the opportunities to “remake the world” presented by the digital and AI revolution. An “Age of Global Enlightenment” is achievable if action is guided by six anchors:

  • Enlightened Political and Social Order

As expressed in the Social Contract for the AI Age, accountability and responsibility are fundamental to fostering global enlightenment.

  • Enlightened National Law and Global Governance

As expressed in the Framework of Global Laws and Accord on AI and Digital, proper governance is fundamental to fostering global enlightenment.

  •  Enlightened Economic Innovation                               

Every citizen can become an innovator. Socially responsible economic innovation by firms, communities, and individuals is fundamental to fostering global enlightenment.

  •  Enlightened Cultural Norms

Tolerance for diversity, mutual support, respect, and recognition of the value of every individual are fundamental to fostering global enlightenment.

  • Enlightened Education Principles

As expressed in the AIWS Global Enlightenment Education Program, life-long pursuit of and respect for knowledge are fundamental to fostering global enlightenment.

  • Enlightened Communication and Discourse

Open forms of discourse, respect for diverse opinions, and fidelity to accuracy in mass and personal communication are fundamental to fostering global enlightenment.

Each of these anchors applies to all levels of social, economic, and political organization, and each is a necessary condition for achieving an Age of Global Enlightenment.

AIWS City, conceptualized by the AI World Society, is a practical model for the Age of Global Enlightenment. See our updates on this page.

European pushback on digital-privacy accord

(April 18th, 2016) European Union privacy regulators want changes to a proposed new EU-U.S. Digital- privacy accord. The Wall Street Journal thinks that this pushback increases the likelihood that the deal will end up challenged in court,  leaving “thousands of...

2 key senators back bill to force unlocking of encrypted data

( April 18th, 2016)  U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Republican Richard Burr and the panel’s vice chairman,  Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein, are circulating proposed legislation that would require companies to unlock encrypted data, in, for example, an...

U.S. officially launches cyberwar on Islamic State

(April 11st, 2016) The U.S. government has officially announced that it is launching cyberwarfare against the so-called Islamic State, in the first case of the U.S. publicly disclosing cyberattacks in warfare, although it has acted before against U.S. foes with...

Links to Chinese officials in offshore tax-haven document drop

(April 11st, 2016) Perhaps not surprisingly,  “the Panama Papers’’ -- the stunning pile  of documents involving national leaders and powerful businesspeople  around the world using offshore tax havens – includes the names of family members of major Chinese government...

BGF-G7 Summit Initiative hosts conference in Tokyo

(April 11th, 2016) The Boston Global Forum (BGF) hosted a conference in Tokyo on March 28 as part of its BGF-G7 Summit Initiative.  The Initiative, a collaboration with the Japanese government, has prepared policy prescriptions to be considered by national leaders at...

Fight over data privacy may be just starting

(April 4th, 2016) The end of Apple’s fight over the FBI’s demand that the company give the agency access to what’s inside the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino terrorists may be just the start of a larger fight over data privacy as companies strengthen security and...

The BGF-G7 Summit Initiative gets rolling in Tokyo

The BGF-G7 Summit Initiative gets rolling in Tokyo

(April 4th,2016) On March 28th,  Nguyen Anh Tuan,  The Boston Global Forum’s CEO and Editor-in-Chief, met with Japanese dignitaries at a conference in Tokyo that was part of the formal announcement in Japan of the BGF-G7 Summit Initiative, in which the BGF is making a...

The BGF-G7 Summit Initiative cybersecurity program

(April 4th, 2016) The Boston Global Forum has presented to planners of the G7 Summit, set for May 26-27 in Japan, its recommendations for improving cybersecurity and cybercitizenship. The proposals are part of the BGF-G7 Summit initiative.   The Boston Global...

BGF online dialogue looks at ‘white hat hackers’

(April 4th, 2016) In The Boston Global Forum’s latest online dialogue on cybersecurity, Andrew Douglas,  director of Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Services, and Allan M. Cytryn, a BGF adviser and a principal of Risk Matters International, discuss how organizations can use...