Xi pushing even tougher controls on Internet


The  Chinese government continues to tighten  its control of the Internet in the country as part of its effort  to suppress dissent. The government of President Xi Jinping will enact a law that will force social-network operators to comply with “public morals” and accept stringent controls by Communist Party dictatorship.

Reuters reported that the  government emphasized   that Chinese citizens’ personal data, as well as “important business data,” must be stored domestically, “adding that those wishing to provide that information overseas faced a government security evaluation.”

The government’s move are likely to discourage some foreign companies from doing business in China.

Reuters noted that “Cybersecurity has been a particularly irksome area in China’s relations with economic partners such as the United States and the European Union, which see many recently proposed rules as unfair to foreign firms.” But the Xi regime has made it clear that its political control will trump everything else.

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Obama’s ‘Internet surrender’ to despots is denounced


L. Gordon Crovitz writes in The Wall Street Journal in a column headlined “The Battle Over Obama’s Internet Surrender”:

“It’s make or break for the Internet as we know it. Unless Congress acts this summer, the Obama administration will end U.S. protection of the Internet, handing authoritarian regimes the power they have long sought to censor the web globally, including in the U.S.

“The battle lines were drawn last week when the Obama administration backed a plan submitted by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or Icann, to free itself in September from the U.S. oversight that has kept the internet open since the 1990s. In response, bills were introduced in the Senate and House to block the Obama Internet surrender.’’

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China’s ‘Great Firewall’ of Internet censorship gets higher

(May 30th, 2016) Despite hopes that China’s ever-tougher censoring of the Internet to keep away challenges to the dictatorship of the Communist Party would be cracked, in fact that censorship seems to be increasingly effective.


As this first in a series of articles in The Washington Post about the ‘’Great Firewall of China’’ notes:

“Far from knocking down the world’s largest system of censorship, China in fact is moving ever more confidently in the opposite direction, strengthening the wall’s legal foundations, closing breaches and reinforcing its control of the Web behind the wall.’’