Xi pushing even tougher controls on Internet

Jun 27, 2016News


The  Chinese government continues to tighten  its control of the Internet in the country as part of its effort  to suppress dissent. The government of President Xi Jinping will enact a law that will force social-network operators to comply with “public morals” and accept stringent controls by Communist Party dictatorship.

Reuters reported that the  government emphasized   that Chinese citizens’ personal data, as well as “important business data,” must be stored domestically, “adding that those wishing to provide that information overseas faced a government security evaluation.”

The government’s move are likely to discourage some foreign companies from doing business in China.

Reuters noted that “Cybersecurity has been a particularly irksome area in China’s relations with economic partners such as the United States and the European Union, which see many recently proposed rules as unfair to foreign firms.” But the Xi regime has made it clear that its political control will trump everything else.

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