The BGF Action Agenda for AI Global Governance in the second half of 2023

Jun 19, 2023Event Updates, News

The BGF Action Agenda for AI Global Governance aims to implement the BGF Framework on AI Global Governance, based on the AI World Society Models and Standards. The agenda identifies threats to humanity from AI, particularly from totalitarian governments and big tech companies that do not respect AIWS Standards and the BGF Framework. The following are the proposed actions and events to address these threats:

  1. Actions:

Dialogue with governments: Engage in dialogue with governments to recommend and advocate for AI Global Governance that aligns with AIWS Standards.

Empower users and civic society: Encourage users and civic society organizations to demand that companies respect AIWS Standards.

Ally with like-minded entities: Build alliances among governments, companies, and civic society organizations that adhere to AIWS Standards to collectively address threats and dangers.

Promote Global Enlightenment Mountain: Support the establishment of the Global Enlightenment Mountain, which will serve as a valuable resource for the Global Alliance for Digital Governance.

Create Global Enlightenment Music: Develop music and artistic expressions that promote AIWS Standards and inspire individuals to advocate for them in the Age of Global Enlightenment.

Engage writers and journalists: Encourage writers and journalists to support AIWS Standards and educate users about the importance of respecting those standards.

  1. Events:

Jaipur Dialogue (July 29-31, 2023): Organize a dialogue on AI Global Governance with the Indian government during the C20 Summit. Discuss actions related to transparency, monitoring, and empowering users. Collaborate with CSOs, BGF, GLIDES, and GEM to mobilize user support. Dialogue with companies and governments through the Global Enlightenment Community.

Dialogue with Leaders of Japan (September 2023): Engage in discussions with leaders of Japan, focusing on the Shinzo Abe Initiative.

Riga Conference 2023 (October 21-22): Co-organize a conference with the Council of Europe, Latvia Transatlantic Organization, and BGF to address the Legal Framework for AI Global Governance. Present a special report on the topic.

90th Birthday Celebration of Michael Dukakis (October): Contribute to building AIWS – the Age of Global Enlightenment in celebrating the 90th birthday of Governor Michael Dukakis. Engage in dialogues with US leaders during the event and organize Global Enlightenment Music: music to celebrate Governor Michael Dukakis’s 90th birthday, promoting AIWS Standards – the values of the Age of Global Enlightenment.

Global Enlightenment Leaders are invited to participate in these events and contribute to the agenda. This includes distinguished leaders, thinkers, and members of the Tech 50 who will join the BGF Global Enlightenment Leaders in dialogues with the Indian government and the G20 in Jaipur, European leaders at the Riga Conference 2023, US leaders during Governor Michael Dukakis’s birthday celebration, and leaders in Japan through the Shinzo Abe Initiative.


These are the AIWS Standards mentioned in the context of the BGF Action Agenda for AI Global Governance:

Social Contract for the AI Age

AI International Accord (AIIA)

BGF Framework for AI Global Governance

Legal Framework for AI Global Governance

Framework for a Human-Centered AI Based on the Laws of Nature

Data Economy for the Age of Global Enlightenment