GADG supports GLIDES and C20 India 2023 Summit in Jaipur, July 30-31, 2023

Jun 19, 2023Global Alliance for Digital Governance

Under the Indian Presidency of the G20 this year, the Civil20 remains committed to advocate evidence- based policy recommendations. C20 will strive towards the realization of the Indian C20 motto – “You Are The Light”.

C20 is one of the official Engagement Groups of the G20. It provides a platform for Civil Society Organizations around the world to voice people’s aspirations with the world’s leaders in G20. C20 also aims to protect the essence of the sector, promote social and economic development with the vision that no one should be left behind.

The Global Alliance for Digital Governance recognizes and supports GLIDES’s works “Technology, Security, and Transparency” as a part of Global Enlightenment Community:

  • Create an online portal: open, inclusive, voluntary, civil society-centric with representation of CSOs from G20 nations and developing economies
  • CSO submit policy recommendations; GLIDES will escalate to general public, existing internet governance mechanisms, G20 secretariat in India and subsequently in Brazil & South Africa after due diligence
  • CSO can sign up to the portal and get featured after due diligence; CSO share best practices & success stories on portal
  • GLIDES will organize monthly meetings, workshops, training programs, seminars & deliberations on digital access, internet shutdowns, safe harbor, net neutrality, data privacy, data governance, cyber stalking, online harassment, cyber security, fake news and digital rights, etc.
  • GLIDES can commission studies & white papers around Internet-related concerns in G20 countries and publicize its findings.

The Boston Global Forum encourages and will recommend organizations to contribute to this project.