AIWS City: A Landmark Celebrating the 90th Birthday of Michael Dukakis

Jun 25, 2023News

In honor of Governor Michael Dukakis’s 90th birthday on November 3, 2023, Global Enlightenment Leaders are creating a remarkable tribute – AIWS City. As co-founder and Chair of the Boston Global Forum, Governor Dukakis has played an influential role in fostering Global Enlightenment. The construction of AIWS City stands as a testament to his contributions and the achievements of the BGF and the Global Enlightenment Community.

AIWS City is set to fully open on November 3, 2023, coinciding with Governor Dukakis’s milestone birthday. This digital city will serve as a hub for showcasing and promoting various facets of global enlightenment, encompassing the realms of economy, politics, education, technological advancements, arts, literature, and sports.

As an emblematic landmark, AIWS City will stand as a testament to historical achievements and significant milestones in the journey towards the Age of Global Enlightenment. It will embody the spirit of global cooperation, knowledge sharing, and collective progress.

AIWS City, the digital city of the Global Enlightenment Community, will serve as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging individuals and nations to embrace the principles of peace, collaboration, and innovation. It will stand as a lasting tribute to Governor Michael Dukakis and the transformative power of Global Enlightenment.

Governor Michael Dukakis honors President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people as World Leader for Peace and Security 2022