Professor Alex Pentland at Davos 2024: Leading Beyond Boundaries

Jan 22, 2024News

Focus: HealthTech, PrivacyTech and Generative AI

Davos, 2024

MIT Professor Alex Pentland, a BGF Board Member, played a significant role at WEF Davos 2024.

HealthTech Roundtable: Creating a preventive and collaborative healthcare ecosystem by decentralizing surveillance – An autonomous, participatory, and privacy-first approach.

During the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2024, the MIT Media Lab, Camera Culture Group, and MIT Connection Science, kicked off “Leading Beyond Boundaries” in Davos.

Recognizing that disciplinary disconnects can hinder effective technology policy, research, and innovation, Leading Beyond Boundaries seeks to bridge these gaps. Leading Beyond Boundaries aims to bring together a diverse group of leaders across disciplines to foster in-depth discussions around the key ideas, challenges, and open questions. Their focus is on addressing pressing societal issues in areas such as healthcare, privacy, and generative AI.

Esteemed panelists include thought leaders such as notable speakers from academia, industry, and government who will contribute to the roundtable discussions.

Organizers: Vivek Sharma, Robert Mahari, Abhishek Singh, Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland, Ramesh Raskar

Following WEF, plan to compile a high-impact report encompassing recommendations on AI in Healthcare, responsible AI practices, policy considerations, privacy measures, and collaborative strategies based on our roundtable discussion.

This year, their objective was to spark a dialogue around HealthTech, PrivacyTech, and Generative AI. This event fostered an organic conversation that not only addresses critical issues but also unveils innovative solutions, propelling us toward a standardized global AI landscape. The event is positioned to revolutionize the field by tackling pressing societal issues and steering the conversation towards impactful change.

In partnership with Invest India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, we are also organizing a social event to complement our HealthTech, PrivacyTech and Generative AI roundtables.