Red Sea airstrikes, Ukraine aid , Taiwan elections: Roundup on the Four Pillars

Jan 16, 2024News

Over the past week, the US and UK, two Pillars, escalated their actions in the Red Sea against the Houthis. This comes after a red line against their continued attacks on shipping lanes. The Anglo countries conducted airstrikes on Houthi targets in Yemen itself. While this may risk escalation from Iran, protecting international shipping lanes and naval conventions should be key, especially to preserve the international order. While this lane does not have major implications for the US itself, it does for Europe-Asia trade, where the other Pillars are as well.

India, another Pillar also got involved, sending their own warships to the region to deter against piracy. It is good that other Pillars are getting involved outside of the US and UK-EU, because securing international norms is collectively something in everyone’s interests.

In Europe, the UK has pledged to support Ukraine with up to 2.6 billion GBP in military aid, during a visit by PM Sunak to Kyiv. This is continued necessary aid for Ukraine to continue its fight against the Russian invasion. This is after last week, in which Japan, a Pillar, committed aid to Ukraine in a surprise visit too.

Taiwan elected the DPP candidate Lai Ching-te to the presidency, to a third term for the party. While the US, Canada, and others congratulated Taiwan on its election, China of course disapproved.

Sgt Lee Goddard/UK Ministry of Defence/Reuters