Davos: AI Governance Alliance calls for stronger global collaboration

Jan 22, 2024Global Alliance for Digital Governance

As global leaders and industry power players gather in Davos to address the world’s most pressing problems, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) AI Governance Alliance (AIGA) has called for stronger collaboration to create a framework for advanced AI.

In a series of three new reports, AIGA has focused on unlocking the value and creating a framework for generative AI (GenAI) usage. AIGA said a global effort is needed to create equitable access to AI.

According to Cathy Li, head of AI, data and metaverse at the WEF: “The AI Governance Alliance is uniquely positioned to play a crucial role in furthering greater access to AI-related resources, thereby contributing to a more equitable and responsible AI ecosystem globally.”

“We must collaborate among governments, the private sector and local communities to ensure the future of AI benefits all,” she added.

AIGA has called for experts in various sectors to address key areas such as improving data quality across nations, boosting computational resources and adapting foundation models to suit local challenges.

A strong emphasis has also been placed on education to navigate local AI ecosystems effectively.

The original article was published on Verdict.

AI needs stronger collaboration, says AIGA Credit: Getty Images / AndreyPopov