Harvard Professor David Silbersweig recommends topics to discuss about AI Governance at GEM

May 7, 2023News

From the conference, Harvard Medical School professor David Silbersweig and Global Enlightenment Mountain (GEM) will recommend topics from media about AI governance and innovation to discuss.

This week:

The New York Times: What exactly are the dangers posed by AI?

Short-term risk: Disinformation

Medium-term risk: Job loss

Long-term risk: Loss of control


We must prepare now, By Jon Haidt, Professor at NYU-Stern and Eric Schmidt

AI Will Soon Make Social Media Much More Harmful to Liberal Democracy, and to Children

1) AI-enhanced social media will wash ever-larger torrents of garbage into our public conversation.

2) Personalized super-influencers will make it much easier for companies, criminals, and foreign agents to influence us to do their bidding via social media platforms. 

3) AI will make social media much more addictive for children, thereby accelerating the ongoing teen mental illness epidemic. 

4) AI will change social media in ways that strengthen authoritarian regimes (particularly China) and weaken liberal democracies, particularly polarized ones, such as the USA. 

Five reforms aimed mostly at increasing everyone’s ability to trust the people, algorithms, and content they encounter online:

  1. Authenticate all users, including bots
  2. Mark AI-generated audio and visual content
  3. Require data transparency with users, government officials, and researchers
  4. Clarify that platforms can sometimes be liable for the choices they make and the content they promote
  5. Raise the age of “internet adulthood” to 16 and enforce it

On Streamlife.com: Generative AI: The End of Human Creativity or the New Renaissance?


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Harvard Professor David Silbersweig