BGF officially announce the Framework for Global Governance of AI Assistants and ChatGPT and its leaders for implementation

May 7, 2023Global Alliance for Digital Governance

On April 30, 2023, Boston Global Forum officially announce the Framework for Global Governance of AI Assistants and ChatGPT.

Please see the all the framework here:

In the short term, the Boston Global Forum leaders will reinforce the existing alliance of major world democracies to include the United States (deep conversations ongoing), Japan (May-June 2023), the European Union (July 2023), and India (September 2023). In addition, they will reach out to the Vatican, and other potentially prominent civil society groups representative of countries in this alliance. Representation of private sector technology will include the five major companies including Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft among others. This should be accomplished by September 2023.

For this short term works, The Global Enlightenment Community Leaders will lead, include:

  • Former Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis, Chair of Boston Global Forum
  • President Ursula von der Leyen of the European Commission
  • President of Finland Saudi Niinisto
  • UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Technology Amandeep Gill
  • Speaker Andreas Norlen of Swedish Parliament
  • Japanese Minister of Economic Security Sanae Takaichi
  • Former Prime Minister of Italy Enrico Letta
  • Former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak
  • Former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zlatko Lagumdzija
  • Former State Minister of Japan Yasuhide Nakayma
  • Boston Global Forum CEO Nguyen Anh Tuan and BGF Board Members: Alex Pentland, Nazli Choucri, Thomas Patterson, David Silbersweig
  • “The father of the Internet” Vint Cerf
  • John Clippinger, MIT Media Lab
  • Many distinguished world leaders and scholars from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, and other leading institutions.

On May 2, 2023, Boston Global Forum leaders discussed Framework with the United Nations Tech Envoy Amandeep Gill at the United Nations in New York City.

On May 4, 2023, the White House announced “New Actions to Promote Responsible AI Innovation that Protects Americans’ Rights and Safety”.

President Biden is set to meet with CEOs of big companies to discuss AI-related matters.

Governor Michael Dukakis, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, and Prime Minister Enrico Letta