BGF leaders meet and discuss with Amandeep Gill at the United Nations

May 7, 2023News

On May 2, 2023, at the meeting, the Boston Global Forum delegation presented the Framework for Global Governance AI Assistants and ChatGPT which after a broad review of existing nation-specific models of managing AI governance suggests a significant convergence of principles and practices among a majority of leading democratic nations in the world. The Framework is the direct result of a series of BGF High-level Dialogues on the Regulation Framework of AI Assistants and ChatGPT, initiated on February 28, 2023, which convened distinguished world leaders, thinkers, scholars, and innovators committed to developing an effective and sustainable framework for responsible democratic governance of AI.

To implement the Framework for Global Governance AI Assistants and ChatGPT, the Boston Global Forum created an action plan called the Global Enlightenment Mountain Program, a revolutionary initiative aimed at creating a virtual Silicon Valley model in the AI and digital era. The program objective is to foster collaboration and innovation in transformative technology, economy, and society in four major democratic states including the US, Europe, Japan, and India. BGF also established the Global Enlightenment Community comprising distinguished world leaders, thinkers, strategists, scholars, and innovators to support the United Nations.

A framework for human-centered AI based on natural laws was also proposed at the meeting. It suggests that the third generation of AI must be supporting an ecosystem of life globally which enables human development and nature to thrive and that it must be co-created with human guidance and adherence to transparency, explainability, and principles guided by natural laws.

As discussed with UN Secretary-General Amandeep Gill, the proposed frameworks deeply resonate with the UN Global Digital Compact to be agreed upon at the Summit of the Future in September 2024 through a technology track involving all stakeholders: governments, the United Nations system, the private sector (including tech companies), civil society, grass-roots organizations, academia, and individuals, including youth. The Global Digital Compact is expected to “outline shared principles for an open, free and secure digital future for all”.

Overall, the Boston Global Forum could offer an unparalleled venue for the world’s major democracies to coalesce around a shared framework for global governance of artificial intelligence at a critical juncture both in the emerging AI ecosystem/s and serious threats to a robust democratic world order from wanton aggression and intentional misuse of digital media by autocratic rulers vying for global supremacy.

The significant convergence, of values and principles, between the Boston Global Forum’s initiative on AI governance and ongoing initiatives by like-minded, well-functioning democracies around the world position them to successfully manage the implementation of a shared, comprehensive framework through coordinated collaborative action among themselves, and in partnership with Big Tech, other Private Business Enterprises, and Public Interest entities in our deeply interconnected global community.

Amandeep Gill discussed with the BGF delegation at the United Nations