AIWS 7-Layer Model to Build Next Generation Democracy

Apr 21, 2018News, Michael Dukakis Institute

At the 2018 BGF-G7 Summit Conference, scheduled Wednesday, April 25, we will be introducing our AIWS 7-Layer Model to Build Next Generation Democracy. The model is a result of collaboration between our Artificial Intelligence World Society initiative and the Club de Madrid. We are working closely with a number of leaders and AI researchers to expand this model and its applications, whether it be through a formal treaty to ban AI weapons or ethical standards for AI development. We believe that AI can help leaders make better decisions and help protect democracies from threats like authoritarianism and fake news.

See the breakdown of the model:

Artificial Intelligence World Society (AIWS) Model

Layer 7 (Application Layer)  Application and Services

Layer 6 (Public Service Layer) Public Services: Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Justice System

Layer 5 (Policy Layer) Policy, Regulation, Convention, Norms

Layer 4 (Legislation Layer) Law and Legislation

Layer 3 (Tech Layer) Technical Management, Data Governance, Algorithm accountabilty, Standards, IT Experts Management.

Layer  2 (Ethics Layer) Ethical Frameworks, Criteria, Principles

Layer 1 (Charter Layer) Charter, Concepts