The Global Alliance for Digital Governance supports building the Geopolitics of Digital Standards

Jul 17, 2022News, Practices in Cybersecurity

The Cyber Project of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School launched the report “The Geopolitics of Digital Standards,” by Sophie Faaborg-Andersen and Lindsay Temes. The Global Alliance for Digital Governance supports its ideas: 

The United States should reverse its current hands-off approach to digital standards development and focus on what specific standards-setting activities are likely to impact U.S. strategic interests in the immediate, medium, and long term.

Toward the goal of developing a technically informed strategy for digital standards, policymakers must:

  1. Increase technical literacy within the policymaking community to distinguish and prioritize standards across infrastructure, protocol, and application layers of the internet.
  2. Facilitate greater public and private sector participation in multi-stakeholder standards bodies through federally funded training and stipends.
  3. Develop a clear picture of which digital standards that oppose U.S. strategic interests and values are being adopted by global markets by filling existing data gaps regarding digital standards implementation across technology sectors and geographies.