Inside Assad’s giant torture chamber


This Guardian piece takes you inside Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s giant prison and torture chamber, where people seized by Assad’s forces undergo horrific abuse.

“Now ex-detainees and architects have built an accurate model, using ‘ear-witness’ testimony, of the dictator’s hellish torture house, ” the news service reports.

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Assad regime supports China’s claim to South China Sea


Dictatorships tend to support other dictatorships  in order, in part, to discourage democracy. Thus it was no surprise that the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad sides with China’s claim to virtually the entire South China Sea — in opposition to the decision of a nonpartisan international tribunal in the Hague that essentially said that China’s claim was bogus.

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Downed Russian copter raises questions about the size of Russia’s role in Syria


The apparent shooting down of a new Russian state-of-the-art Mi-35M helicopter, which could only be operated by the Russian military, over a Syrian area controlled by the Islamic State suggests how much the Russians are directly involved in the Syrian civil war to support dictator Bashar Assad.

The Washington Post noted that the case of the downed aircraft again raises the question of how much Russian forces, including special forces and artillery, are “helping Syria’s battered military take back ground held by the Islamic State and other rebel groups, including those {anti-Islamic State ones} backed by the United States?”

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