From the Massachusetts Miracle to the Age of Global Enlightenment


Michael (Stanley) Dukakis (born November 3, 1933, in Brookline, Massachusetts, U.S.) is an esteemed American politician. He received a bachelor’s degree in political science from Swarthmore College in 1955 and a law degree from Harvard Law School in 1960. He served in the U.S. Army in Korea from 1955 to 1957. In 1963, he entered the Massachusetts House of Representatives and served eight consecutive years. He was also associated with the Boston firm of Hill and Barlow from 1960 to 1974.

From 1975 to 1979 and again from 1983 to 1991, Michael Dukakis served three terms as Governor of Massachusetts. During his tenure, he reside over a period that would later be recognized as the “Massachusetts Miracle,” an economic revival that not only recovered the state’s economy but also set a standard for progress and innovation. Governor Dukakis’ adept technocratic skills, coupled with a pragmatic approach and a keen understanding of societal fundamentals, were instrumental in formulating policies and reforms that underpin the current dynamic and forward-thinking Massachusetts. He was the Democratic Party’s nominee for president in 1988 running against the Republican nominee, incumbent Vice President George H. W. Bush.

After his political career, Governor Dukakis took on the role of distinguished professor at Northeastern University and UCLA, dedicating himself to public service through education. His academic roles provided a platform for inspiring and guiding the next generation of leaders. Through lectures rich with the wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of experience, he instilled in his students the values of integrity, responsibility, and civic engagement.

However, Governor Dukakis’ influence extended far beyond the lecture halls. In his later years, he co-founded and chaired the Boston Global Forum (December 12, 2012), the Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation, and the AI World Society Initiative.

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