The Final Report of Policy Lab Fundamental Rights in AI; Digital Societies: Towards An International Accord

Nov 16, 2021Publications

In this context, CdM in partnership with BGF organized a Policy Lab on Fundamental Rights in AI & Digital Societies: Towards an International Accord in September 2021. Multistakeholder discussions aimed to build consensus around a rights-based agenda for the global governance of AI and digital societies, focusing on the following topics:

● Opportunities and threats for fundamental rights in AI & digital societies.

● Transatlantic approaches to protect fundamental rights in AI & digital spaces.

●  The elements & processes for an international legal framework to protect fundamental rights in AI & digital spaces

●  The Concept, Principle and Ecosystem for Digital and AI Society – “Remaking the World, Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment”.

●  The Global Alliance for Digital Governance

●  A framework for a global law and accord on AI and digital tools

The Policy Lab followed the work initiated by both organizations on the implications of digital technologies and AI for democracy, global cooperation and multilateralism, with a particular focus on the Transatlantic space, and based on the progress of the AIWS Social Contract 2020 (Social Contract for the age of AI) and AIWS Innovation Network (

The anchor of the discussions was a vision for a human-centered digital age. Policymakers around the world and at all levels of government are becoming more convinced of the need to ensure that digital technologies and AI serve the people. CdM and BGF partnered to narrow this gap between the digital and policy-making through a multi-stakeholder discussion that harnessed the political experience and insights of ten CdM Members, current political leaders, representatives from business, academia and other high-level experts.

Download the Final Report is here.