Andreas Norlen, Speaker of Swedish Parliament, is the keynote speaker at Global Security Day 2021

Nov 21, 2021Event Updates

The Speaker of Swedish Parliament Andreas Norlen will present the keynote speech at the Symposium “The Framework for Global Law and Accord on AI and Digital” of the annual Global Cybersecurity Day.

8:00 am – 11:00 am (EST), 14:00 – 17:00 (CET), December 12, 2021

Following these significant and historical events, BGF organizes the annual symposium “Global Law and Accord on AI and Digital” to discuss Framework for Global Law and Accord on AI and Digital.

An urgent call to action for stakeholders to work toward an Accord that facilitates innovation while protecting rights in AI and Digital Societies, the world needs Global Law and Accord on AI and Digital with Facebook recently.

The Symposium will also discuss how the Global Alliance for Digital Governance coordinate resources to make Global Law and Accord on AI and Digital happen in 2026.

There are distinguished leaders and thinkers will talk and discuss at this special event.

After serving as member of Parliament for Östergötland County for the Moderate Party, Norlén was elected Speaker of the Riksdag on September 24, 2018. Since then, Norlén has served as the Chair of the Committee on the Constitution, the War Delegation, the Committee on Justice, and the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs. He has played a pivotal role supporting constitutional matters relating to the media, the auditing of governmental processes, the Riksdag’s work on EU matters, issues concerning privacy, the central government budget process, and matters regarding the nomination of permanent judges in all Swedish courts.

Norlén worked across party lines to ensure unified support for the conclusions reached by the Committee on the Constitution, regarding its scrutiny of the performance of government ministers and the handling of government business. Norlén has asserted that the practices determined by the Committee on the Constitution should obtain broad support in the Riksdag and remain uncompromised when there is a change in the political majority of the Riksdag. He also worked for broad political consensus in matters such as those affecting the Constitution and preventive measures to counteract violent extremism.

Norlén defended his thesis at Linköping University in 2004 on the subject of Unreasonableness and Section 36 of the Contracts Act and is a Doctor of Laws. Norlén is also a businessperson active in the family publishing company Kurirengruppen i Sverige AB.