US, Japan, Philippines trilateral; and TikTok divestiture updates: Four Pillars roundup

Apr 1, 2024News

The US and Japan, two Pillars, will cooperate with the Philippines in the South China Sea, as China continues to infringe on the sovereignty of countries in the region with their Nine-Dash Line claim. China has been putting stronger pressure in the region, with multiple scuttles between them and the Philippines over the past months. The US is looking to capitalize on the growing relations they have with countries in the region feeling threatened by China’s saber rattling. Hopefully this will not be the only multilateral groupings the US and Japan will conduct, and is only one of the starts, as the two Pillars are vital to checking against Chinese infringement on sovereignties.

In the US, the TikTok divestment bill is reaching the Senate in the coming weeks and months. The Senate looks to have their own plans for the bill, with differing opinions on putting amendments and restrictions in the bill. That could lead to some stalling of the bill, or the loss of momentum in enacting it. Furthermore, hurdles could remain, as TikTok is looking to prepare to stop the bill through the courts. Although a divestiture is still likely, it is far from a foregone conclusion what the US may do.