Small updates: Roundup on the Four Pillars

Mar 18, 2024News

It appears that the US Congress could get a move on with regards to a potential Ukraine aid bill. This could potentially unblock the limbo status of aid to the country, as parties in the US fight over not just this issue, but combined with matters such as border security and aid to Israel and Taiwan. However, it is still unclear when the timetable of a motion would be held. Furthermore, there is a sense of “a little too late” for aid, as the longer this draws on, the worse the situation on the ground will get, but all is still welcome.

In France, President Macron has reiterated that he is willing to deploy French troops to Ukraine. The strategic ambiguity is needed to show that Russia does not hold a monopoly on the escalation ladder, especially Russia has threatened multiple times with using nuclear weapons.

India, a Pillar, has intervened near the Somali coast to capture a ship and rescue its crew that was hijacked by pirates, having been held captive since December. This is necessary to safeguard the waters in a time when global norms and principles are being challenged.

Alexey Furman/Getty Images