AIP in Nha Trang Embraces AIWS Angel

Mar 18, 2024Event Updates, News

On March 15, 2024, at the conference held at the AI Park (AIP) in Nha Trang to celebrate the city’s 100th anniversary, numerous presentations delved into the digital landscape and the role of artificial intelligence in scientific research, particularly focusing on the innovative technological developments within Nha Trang. The topics covered ranged from “AIP’s Mission: Propelling Nha Trang into Global Prominence in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” to “Human Natural Artificial Intelligence Initiative – AIWS Angel: Applications and Deployment in Vietnam” and “AIWS Trade Stack: AIP’s Role and Opportunities for Vietnamese Businesses to Attain Global Recognition.” Other discussions included “Drones for the Era of Global Enlightenment” and “Dispelling Misconceptions about Digital Transformation for Vietnamese SMEs and Strategies for Holistic Digital Integration.” These presentations aimed to elucidate ideas and technological solutions that would enable AIP to fulfill its mandate of positioning Nha Trang as a beacon of innovation in the artificial intelligence era. BGF CEO Nguyen Anh Tuan introduced the AIWS Angel initiative during the event, underscoring its significance in advancing AI research and application.