Putting The Best of Human Nature into Natural-Artificial Intelligence: A Brain-Based Approach

Nov 12, 2023News

During Governor Dukakis’s 90th Birthday Celebration held on November 2, 2023, at Harvard University Loeb House and organized by the Boston Global Forum (BGF), an exciting and innovative initiative was unveiled. BGF, in collaboration with the Active Inference Institute, introduced the initiative “Advancing Human-Centered AI through Integration with Natural Systems and Neuroscience: Toward Policy and Societal Well-Being.” The presentation featured insights from pioneering innovators such as John Clippinger, Thomas Kehler, and Harvard professor David Silbersweig. David Silbersweig’s presentation, titled “Putting The Best of Human Nature into Natural-Artificial Intelligence:A Brain-Based Approach”.

This initiative is set to drive progress in the field of AI by embracing natural systems and neuroscience, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the well-being of society.

Please see the full presentation here.

Harvard Professor David Silbersweig, BGF Board Member, presented the initiative at the BGF Conference on Nov 2, 2023 at Harvard University Loeb House.