[Horizon Search] Celebrating a Milestone in AI Governance: Michael Dukakis’s 90th and Amma’s World Peace and Security Award

Nov 12, 2023News

Originally published by Horizon Search on November 10, 2023.

The Boston Global Forum honored its Chair, Governor Michael Dukakis, on his 90th birthday at Harvard University’s Loeb House, where a select group of dignitaries gathered to express their appreciation and respect for the legendary public servant. The event also celebrated Amma’s receipt of the prestigious annual World Peace and Security Award. Though Governor Dukakis and Amma have traversed different journeys, they converge at a crucial intersection regarding AI ethics and governance, highlighting the broader impact of AI on society and global policy.


This event coincides with the Boston Global Forum’s (BGF) efforts in developing a framework for AI governance, reflecting a growing global trend. Nations around the world grapple with the implications of artificial intelligence, seeking to balance innovation with ethical responsibility. The BGF’s collaboration with the Global Alliance for Digital Governance represents a significant stride in this direction.

The core of BGF’s initiative is establishing common policy and practice principles, aiming to maximize AI’s benefits while minimizing risks, especially for democratic nations. These principles include fairness and justice for all, responsibility and accountability in decision-making, the precautionary principle in innovation, and ethics-in-AI. This global ethical system seeks to harmonize diverse cultural and ethical systems under common precepts.

Ambassadors and academics watch a message from Amma on ethical AI

The partnership between BGF and Amma in developing the AI World Society (AIWS) is a significant highlight of these collaborative efforts. Amma’s renowned contributions of love, compassion, and her profound spiritual values play a pivotal role in shaping the AIWS’s approach. This partnership underscores the integration of humanistic values into technological development, advocating for an AI governance framework that prioritizes technical and ethical standards and also embodies the core human values of empathy and compassion.

This collaborative effort between BGF and spiritual leaders like Amma illustrates a unique fusion of technology and spirituality, offering a holistic approach to AI governance. It emphasizes the importance of nurturing the ‘soul’ of AI development, ensuring that technological advancements are aligned with the betterment of humanity and the nurturing of a compassionate global society.

However, the BGF’s focus is one of many perspectives in this global conversation. Diverse approaches from various countries and organizations highlight the multifaceted nature of AI governance. For instance, the European Union’s approach to AI regulation emphasizes stringent data privacy and user rights, contrasting with the BGF’s more principle-based framework. Including these varied viewpoints enriches the discussion, illustrating the complexity and global nature of AI governance.

British Consul General of Boston, Peter Abbott OBE (L), shakes hands with former Governor of Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis (C), as CEO of Boston Global Forum, Tuan Nguyen (R), looks on

The BGF proposes an action plan rooted in values like benevolent alliance, cohesion, inclusion, collaboration, mutual trust, harmony, peace, security, excellence, and the protection of fundamental democratic freedoms and human rights. This approach underscores that managing AI is fundamentally about preserving the “soul” of humanity, not just addressing technological challenges.

In the short and long term, the BGF aims to reinforce alliances with major democracies, engage with international bodies like the United Nations and the Vatican, and collaborate with the private sector. This comprehensive approach highlights the necessity of ethical principles and robust regulatory frameworks to guide AI development, safeguarding human rights and preventing misuse by authoritarian regimes.

A Memorandum of Understanding between Boston Global Forum, Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation, and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

The collaboration of BGF with Amrita University in initiatives like the “World’s Congress of Religions in AI Responsibility” further illustrates the integration of spiritual values and ethical considerations in AI governance discourse. This event, alongside BGF’s initiatives and Amma’s contributions, marks a crucial point in aligning AI development with human-centric values and ethics, fostering global cooperation and ensuring AI’s positive contribution to society.


The Boston Global Forum’s initiatives, supported by global movements towards shared AI governance frameworks, are part of a growing consensus on the importance of ethically developing AI. This collaborative effort, bringing together diverse perspectives and stakeholders, is crucial in shaping a future where AI advances align with human dignity, freedom, and global well-being.

Join the Conversation: The Boston Global Forum invites you to be a part of this critical dialogue on AI ethics and governance. Share your insights, contribute to the development of global frameworks, and help shape a future where AI aligns with human dignity, freedom, and global well-being. Visit bostonglobalforum.org to learn more about our initiatives and participate in upcoming events. Your voice matters in building a compassionate, ethical AI future.

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