Boston Global Forum Conference on Natural AI

Feb 12, 2024Event Updates, News

We are excited to unveil the Boston Global Forum Conference on Natural AI, scheduled to take place on April 30, 2024, at the esteemed Harvard University Loeb House. This one-day symposium promises to be a landmark gathering of luminaries, specialists, and trailblazers converging to probe the transformative capabilities of Natural AI in building the AI World Society (AIWS) and shaping our collective destiny.

The conference will unfold across five vibrant sessions, meticulously curated to dissect pivotal aspects of Natural AI and its far-reaching implications for society, ethics, and technology.

Session 1: Unveiling the Depths of Human Mind and Brain
Guided by David Silbersweig and featuring distinguished guest speakers, Session 1 will unravel the intricacies of the human mind’s innate intelligence and intricate systems. Discourses will traverse societal mental well-being, interpersonal dynamics, and the ever-evolving terrain of brain-computer interface and human-computer interaction.

Session 2: Navigating the Expanse of Computer Intelligence
Under the stewardship of Tom Kehler and John Clippinger, Session 2 will plunge into the realm of computer intelligence and intricate systems. Ethical quandaries in AI and the nuances of collective decision-making will take precedence, shedding light on pathways for conscientious AI advancement.

Session 3: Confronting Societal and Global Imperatives
A prestigious panel comprising BGF luminaries alongside governmental, policy, non-profit, and corporate titans will assemble in Session 3. Together, they will tackle the societal, political, and global challenges entrenched in the pursuit of Natural AI.

Session 4: Synthesizing Insights and Paving the Way Forward
In Session 4, participants will engage in vigorous dialogues aimed at synthesizing the insights gleaned from preceding sessions. Themes such as unified complex systems, the Free Energy Principle, and the odyssey toward a natural, ethical AI will be explored, culminating in a collective vision of how Natural AI can surmount real-world challenges. Additionally, BGF will introduce the AIWS Angel Initiative, heralding a superlative Natural AI Assistant.

Session 5: Envisioning Tomorrow and Taking Decisive Action
As the conference draws to a crescendo, Session 5 will chart a roadmap for decisive action and collaboration. Attendees will strategize on actionable plans, forge impactful partnerships, and explore avenues to amplify the resonance of Natural AI initiatives. Furthermore, BGF will bestow the prestigious 2024 World Leader in AIWS Award, honoring exemplary contributions to the realm of Natural AI and the advancement of the AI World Society, recognizing those who have significantly contributed to building a more ethically-driven and inclusive AI ecosystem.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we unlock the boundless potential of Natural AI to sculpt a future brimming with promise, prosperity, and ethical stewardship.