A glimpse at EU and US backing of Ukraine: Roundup on the Four Pillars

Feb 12, 2024News

There has been little movement in the space of the Four Pillars themselves this past week, but we continue to provide updates to the stories of the year.

After the EU approved an aid package to Ukraine last week, the US is looking to commit its own package too, pending the domestic political circus, after a foreign aid bill was advanced in the Senate. Although it has been long overdue, also due to domestic political theater, aid would still be welcome. Furthermore, it is important that the US asserts aid to Ukraine this year, as a bridge of sorts to when European production truly gets online in 2025. In an election year, the direction of American support may change, and thus Europe, especially Germany, is eyeing to step up their efforts in case the US does draw back. While Europe should have been more wary of what Russia could do, they may have to go it alone themselves and begin preparing for potential conflicts in the East.

Furthermore, European enlargement is on the horizon, with plans and projects being drawn up by the Commission in the past months. While the EU, a Pillar, has been in an internal debate about member states leaving and the effectiveness of a federal Europe, events of the past years have shown that both NATO and EU enlargement is necessary to maintain global democracy and prosperity.

Axel Heimken / AFP