Alex Pentland is a keynote speaker on Data Exchange at the Global Enlightenment Mountain Conference

May 21, 2023News

Global Enlightenment Mountain (GEM) supports the concept “Data Exchange” of MIT Professor Alex Pentland, Distinguished Contributor to “Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment.” Data exchanges are peer-to-peer platforms that curate and store data from many agents, conditionally allowing third parties to gain new insights from personal data. Since data exchanges implement the notion of sending the algorithm to the data (instead of sending the data to the algorithm), personal data is never extracted from the original source where it is stored but analyzed within it instead. Boston Global Forum, GEM and Global Alliance for Digital Governance will organize a special conference in early June 2023. Professor Alex Pentland will be a keynote speaker of the Conference.

To further explore the potential of data exchanges and their impact on global governance, making an ecosystem of exchange data, GEM, in collaboration with the Boston Global Forum and the Global Alliance for Digital Governance, will organize a special conference in early June 2023. This conference will bring together scholars and policymakers to discuss the implications, challenges, and opportunities presented by data exchanges.

GEM endorses the “Data Exchange” concept, as it is committed to advancing the principles of global enlightenment, knowledge sharing, and responsible data use. By supporting Professor Pentland’s work, GEM aims to encourage governments, organizations, and individuals worldwide to embrace data-driven approaches that prioritize privacy, transparency, and societal impact.

Professor Alex Pentland, co-founder of the Global Enlightenment Mountain (GEM)