Regulations for AI Global Governance: Civil Society Organizations and Think Tanks Taking the Lead

May 21, 2023Global Alliance for Digital Governance

In his Welcome Keynote Address at the C20 Summit “Technology and Security for One World,” held as part of the C20 in India from May 12-14, 2023, Boston Global Forum CEO Nguyen Anh Tuan emphasized the need for faster policy-making by governments regarding AI global governance. Responding to questions from attendees on how to expedite the process, Mr. Tuan encouraged civil society organizations and think tanks to take an active role in contributing to and engaging in dialogue with governments to develop official regulations.

Recognizing the urgency and significance of establishing regulations in the era of AI World Society (AIWS)-the Age of Global Enlightenment, Mr. Tuan stressed the importance of not waiting for governments alone to act. He urged all participants in the conference, as well as civil society organizations and think tanks, to proactively engage in the regulatory process. By actively offering their expertise, insights, and policy recommendations, these entities can help expedite the development of regulations and shape the future of AI governance.

To facilitate this collaborative effort, the Boston Global Forum, in conjunction with the Global Alliance for Digital Governance, pledged to work closely with the resources provided by civil society organizations and think tanks. By harnessing the collective knowledge and expertise from these entities, the aim is to create a more effective framework for AI global governance.

In the AI World Society, where the rapid pace of technological advancement necessitates timely regulation, it is imperative for stakeholders to act swiftly and cooperatively. The call to action from Mr. Tuan serves as a reminder that governments alone cannot bear the responsibility of shaping AI governance. Instead, a multi-stakeholder approach involving civil society organizations, think tanks, and other experts is essential to ensure comprehensive, inclusive, and effective regulations.

By actively engaging with governments, offering proposals, and participating in dialogue, these non-governmental entities can play a crucial role in influencing AI governance policies. Their contributions will help address critical concerns such as privacy, ethics, transparency, and societal impact, fostering an environment that encourages responsible AI development and safeguards the well-being of individuals and communities.

As the Boston Global Forum and the Global Alliance for Digital Governance collaborate with civil society organizations and think tanks, it is expected that their combined efforts will contribute to the formulation of comprehensive and forward-thinking regulations for AI global governance. By acting swiftly and collaboratively, stakeholders can shape the future of AI in a manner that aligns with the principles of the Age of Global Enlightenment.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan presents his Welcome Keynote Address to C20 Conference, May 12