“AI Vanguard: The Global Initiative for Positive Change”

Sep 4, 2023News

The Boston Global Forum introduces an article of Horizon Search Magazine about BGF’s initiatives and its CEO Nguyen Anh Tuan “AI Vanguard: The Global Initiative for Positive Change”.

Please read the full article at: https://www.horizonsearch.co/post/ai-vanguard-the-global-initiative-for-positive-change



Tuan Nguyen’s focus is assessing current AI solutions to identify future needs, create awareness and integrate technical expertise and professional backgrounds into practical solutions. As a result, he aligns the agenda with using advanced technology to develop the ideal societal structures. Therefore, his agenda transcends the individual focus on issues concerning gender equality, suitability development, and climate change and looks to provide AI-backed solutions that cut across similar societal issues.

Today, the BGF seeks to unite four key global economic players: Japan, the EU-the UK, India and the US. In addition, it also seeks to secure partnerships that will set the stage for its expansion in 10 more countries, including Mexico, the Philippines, Brazil, New Zealand, and Indonesia, among others. However, BGF’s current limitation is its inability to manage and track AI abuse by organizations and governments. Nevertheless, the foundation is confident it will build its resource base to help channel adequate funding and skills toward oversight in the following years.

Nguyen Anh Tuan at the C20-G20 Summit India 2023