AI to be Discussed at the World Economic Forum

Jan 24, 2018News

This week, world leaders are convening in Davos for the 2018 World Economic Forum to discuss the foremost issues facing our world today. Among these are new technology, cybersecurity, and the impact AI will soon have on global society. With the expansion of AI, states and IGOs are increasingly preparing for the future. Self-driving cars are taking to the streets. Automation is transforming jobs in a wide range of economic sectors. Will this technology truly change our lives for the better? Or will we actually soon face the “robot uprising” science fiction has warned us about?

This past November, the MDI announced the AI World Society to bring together top thinkers and leaders in AI, in order to create frameworks and norms for a better and safer AI future. 2018 is slated to be an exciting year for these emerging technologies, and the need for better laws and cyber governance are ever-pressing. Follow us for more updates about our work in these constantly evolving fields.