A flurry of news from Brussels: Four Pillars week

Jul 1, 2024News

There were some “events” so to say that did happen this week… but we don’t cover electoral politics that aren’t end results, we will leave that to the analysts and experts in that field. Plus, there are still other Pillars to discuss.

The theme of US-India cooperation has been a recurring piecemeal theme in recent editions of Four Pillars, and it appears yet again this week. Rumor from the grapevines has it that the two Pillars are discussing cooperation on co-production of Javelin anti-tank missiles. In recent conflicts, this weapons system entered the popular consciousness through the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ usage of it against the Russian invasion. I will not waste too many words since we have analyzed these kind of cooperation in recent editions, but it is great to see continued work between these two Pillars, as the Indo-Pacific region continue to slowly boil into live conflict with rising tensions,

The EU, one of the Pillars, held a summit over the week after the European Parliamentary elections, partially to confirm the next batch of the bloc’s top bureaucrats and leaders, and also to convene the 27 member states to discuss ongoing issues within Europe and abroad, from defense to the bloc’s competitiveness. Ursula von der Leyen, BGF Peace and Security Award 2020 Recipient and the incumbent European Commissioner, secured her second term in the position, and will be joined by Estonian PM Kaja Kallas as EU Foreign Policy chief and former Portuguese PM Antonio Costa as European Council President. Also confirmed but separate from the EU appointments was Dutch PM Mark Rutte set to become the next NATO Secretary General, succeeding Jens Stoltenberg.

This EU gathering also marked the beginning of accession talks for Moldova and Ukraine, as announced by the EU earlier in the month. Ukraine signed security agreements with Poland and the EU, similar to the one Zelenskyy signed with the US at the G7 Summit. This is good in ensuring support for Ukraine in their struggle against not just Russia, but the alliance of Russia-China-North Korea, and thus a struggle against the backslide into global authoritarianism and an international state of nature.

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(AP Photo / Geert Vanden Wijngaert)