2023 World Leader for Peace and Security Award recipient Amma will visit the US from July 4th to August 11th

Jul 7, 2024News

Amma will be visiting the United States from July 4 – August 11, in her first international tour since 2019. Amma will be conducting free public programmes in every city on her tour schedule. The programmes include a meditation guided by Amma, spiritual discourses by Amma and her disciples, bhajans (devotional singing) led by Amma in a call and response format, and the opportunity to meet Amma personally and receive her darshan (embrace). 

Amma will also be holding spiritual retreats in a number of cities. The retreats offer a transformative opportunity to immerse oneself in Amma’s presence over three days, and include additional programs like a question-and-answer session with Amma, classes with Amma’s disciples and devotees on bhajans, meditation, yoga, and service opportunities.