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Father of the Internet Vint Cerf speaks at the AI World Executive Summit 2021

Father of the Internet, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist of Google, Vint Cerf, 2019 World Leader in AIWS Award, Member of AIWS City’s Board of Leaders will speak at:

 Executive Roundtable: Vision for the AI Age through 2045

Our distinguished panel and co-authors will debate and present a vision of an all-digital virtual city based on trusted open data. This presentation will summarize the standards and research developed by these experts and delivered in a series of reports to the United Nations on behalf of the AI World Society of the Boston Global Forum. The series of reports have been published and presented to the U.N. in the last year and half, and includes specific plans covering:

Social Contract for the AI Age

  • People Centered Economy
  • Trustworthy Economy
  • Intellectual Society, a Thoughtful Civil Society, and
  • AI Government
  • AIWS Values and Rewards

Moderator: Thomas Patterson, PhD, Research Director, The Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation; Professor of Government and the Press, Harvard Kennedy School; President, AIWS University


AIWS City is a Strategic Alliance Sponsor of the AI World Executive Summit 2021.

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