Jeff Saviano as Director of AIWS Ethics and his presentation at BGF Conference

May 13, 2024Global Alliance for Digital Governance

Boston Global Forum is proud to announce the appointment of Jeffrey N. Saviano as the Director of AIWS Ethics. Jeffrey brings a wealth of experience to this role as a Partner at EY, a Scholar at the Harvard Center for Ethics, and a Fellow of MIT Connection Science. As a member of the board, Jeff will oversee the ethical considerations within the AIWS framework, ensuring that AI technologies are developed and implemented in a manner consistent with ethical principles and human values.

Jeff Saviano presented on AI ethics at the BGF Conference “Governing the Future: AI, Democracy, and Humanity,” at Harvard University Loeb House on April 30, 2024, contributing to the ongoing dialogue. His presentation, “Ethics for the Knowledge Platform for AI,” emphasized the importance of ethical guidelines and standards in the development and utilization of AI technologies. He highlighted how the Knowledge Platform will use these human ethical principles to create a database of humanity’s knowledge.