Governor Dukakis: AIWS Model Leadership for Shaping a Brighter Tomorrow

Oct 22, 2023Global Alliance for Digital Governance

Governor Dukakis, as the Co-founder and Chair of the Boston Global Forum, has emerged as an eminent leader, steering the AI World Society (AIWS) initiative toward the forefront of discussions about creating a more enlightened world with the aid of AI, digital technologies, and advanced innovations. His remarkable vision and tireless efforts have garnered recognition from prestigious academic institutions such as Harvard and MIT, as well as from international powerhouses like Japan, the EU, and India. Under Governor Dukakis’s guidance, the G20 in India in 2023 saw the transformative influence of the AIWS initiative, further solidifying its place in the global discourse. His leadership has left an indelible mark on the innovation community in Silicon Valley and indeed on the future trajectory of our world in this AI age. Governor Dukakis’s unwavering commitment and transformative leadership through AIWS continue to inspire and shape a brighter tomorrow, firmly establishing AIWS as a wonderful model and a solid foundation for the world to tackle the pressing challenges it faces. I am very proud and honored to work with Governor Michael Dukakis and the Boston Global Forum in building the AI World Society (AIWS) Initiative and Model.


Professor Zlatko Lagumdzija

Permanent Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the United Nations

Former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina