Global Alliance for Digital Governance will work with AI Assistants such as ChatGPT to manage their risks

Feb 5, 2023Global Alliance for Digital Governance

Boston Global Forum, Boston, February 6, 2023


The Boston Global Forum (BGF) and the Global Alliance for Digital Governance (GADG) are dedicated to proactively addressing the risks and challenges posed by AI in our daily lives. As leading organizations in technology and academia based in Boston, Massachusetts, we understand the significance of shaping the responsible growth and implementation of AI, including AI Assistants like ChatGPT.

Building on the 7-layer model of AIWS and Social Contract for the AI Age proposed by BGF in the AIWS – G7 Summit Initiative of 2019, we are now collaborating closely with AI Assistants to manage and minimize their potential risks. Through our collaboration with the United Nations Centennial Initiative and the launch concepts of the Age of Global Enlightenment in 2020, we aim to utilize our resources to create responsible AI policies and regulations through the AI International Accord. BGF and GADG are determined to play a key role in shaping a responsible and equitable future for AI.

GADG will organize a series of high-level dialogues about ChatGPT and AI Assistants and will engage with governments of the US, Europe, Japan, India, South Korea, Canada, Australia, and the United Nations Global Digital Compact. We will encourage AIWS city innovators to contribute to and practice GADG’s recommendations. BGF will also contribute to the upcoming Summit of the Future of the United Nations scheduled for September 2024.