Economist Larry Summers joins the board of OpenAI as ousted CEO Sam Altman returns

Nov 26, 2023Global Alliance for Digital Governance

OpenAI’s board at first refused to entertain the possibility of Altman returning, but then something happened they could not ignore: 702 out of OpenAI’s 770 employees committed to leaving the company unless Altman was restored. The employees also asked that a new board be assembled. It was, and Altman was restored as CEO not long after.

Just one former board member sits on the new, temporary board: Adam D’Angelo, the CEO of the question-and-answer site Quora. He had voted for Altman’s ouster.

Others, who are familiar to Silicon Valley boards, have taken seats alongside him. They include Bret Taylor, a longtime Silicon Valley executive and former chairman of the board of Twitter, and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers.

As it stands, OpenAI’s charter says it is committed to the development of artificial general intelligence, also known as AGI, or a type of AI superintelligence that can outperform humans, that will not “harm humanity or unduly concentrate power.”


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