AIWS City – Embodying the Spirit of Amma for the Age of Global Enlightenment

Jul 24, 2023Global Alliance for Digital Governance

“Citizens are empowered through the AIWS model, data economy and global enlightenment education, uniting their voices as power of users, market forces, and innovators.”

This is an Initiative of the Boston Global Forum and Global Internet Governance, Digital Empowerment and Security Alliance for C20-G20 Summit India 2023.

BGF and GLIDES dedicated efforts to usher in the Age of Global Enlightenment during the United Nations Centennial. The organizations will unite their strengths to build a platform that empowers citizens to contribute actively, based on AIWS City. This platform embraces the following principles while drawing inspiration from the profound spiritual values of Amma. This initiative will be announced at C20-G20 Summit India, July 29-31, 2023, at Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur, India. This AIWS City platform support:

  1. Data Economy: Fostering a landscape where every citizen becomes an innovator in AIWS – the Age of Global Enlightenment.
  2. Ethical AI Development: Prioritizing AI technologies that align with ethical principles, human rights, and societal values, reflecting Amma’s love and empathy for all beings.
  3. Support for Innovation: Designing and applying regulations that foster innovation while safeguarding against potential risks, resulting in AI technologies that benefit society, in harmony with Amma’s vision for a better world.
  4. Safeguarding Privacy and Data Protection: Establishing robust measures to protect individual privacy and personal data concerning AI applications, promoting privacy-preserving AI techniques, and involving Global Alliance for Digital Governance and GLIDES, inspired by Amma’s teachings on respecting the dignity and privacy of each person.