G7 to invite Vietnam, some other nations in region to summit

Apr 10, 2016Event Updates

(April 11st, 2016) In a sign that the G7 nations (Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, the United States, France and Japan) want to both expand their trade relationships in the Asia/Pacific region and strengthen the security of nations facing a militarily aggressive China, the G7 has invited Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea to send representatives to the G7 Summit, set for May 26-27 in Japan.


Vietnam, in particular, faces Chinese military threats with Beijing’s  seizure  and militarization of disputed reefs and islands in the South China Sea.

The Japanese government plans to focus a great deal of attention at the summit on challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region as it pursues the theme of “linking the region’s nations for development”.