AIWS Leadership Master Program 2021-2022 – The Lecture of Professor Thomas Patterson on the Social Contract for the AI Age

Jan 9, 2022Event Updates

At 9:00 AM, January 17, 2022, Professor Thomas Patterson, co-founder of Boston Global Forum, Research Director of Michael Dukakis Institute, will give a lecture for the AI World Society Leadership Program 2021-2022.

The goal of our AIWS Leadership Program is to help students understand changing technology and its implications. We’ve created a series of lectures that address major features of the digital age and the challenges and opportunities they present.

Each of our presenters is a thought leader in the field of digital technology. They come from some of the world’s top institutions, including Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. And nearly all of them have spent time in the private sector or government service. They will share with you their high-level practical experience, as well as their scholarly knowledge.

Each lecture is directed at the needs of the innovative leader and thinker – what you will need to know to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities of the Digital Age.

One of our initiatives is a Social Contract for the AI Age. In this effort, we’ve worked closely with the United Nations Academic Impact Program and with the Club de Madrid, which is the organization of former heads of state and heads of government of democratic countries.

Our Social Contract defines what we see as the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of individuals, governments, firms, and other entities in the digital age.

By definition, a social contract is based on the rights and interests of individuals, and what governments and other entities must do and are prohibited from doing to safeguard those rights and interests.