“Leaders telling a different story, a new project of World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid

At the Paris Peace Forum 2018, the World Leadership Alliance -Club de Madrid (WLA-CdM) presented its new project known as “Leaders Telling A Different Story”.

The project aims to strengthen national and regional strategies and producing multi-dimensional response to extremists. Prior to the project’s presentation, a qualitative research and content analysis, and high-level policy and technical dialogue have been conducted by WLA-CdM with other policy makers, experts and practitioners to develop recommendations on how to effectively deal with this problem.

The project might be a key to tackling global challenges and ensuring durable peace by creating a platform for debates where governments and civil societies can work together to develop counter-narratives. The recommendations stem from an evidence-based analysis of focus groups and technical analysis in three countries: Nigeria, Tunisia, and Lebanon.

Since 2017, WLA-CdM has been partnering with Michael Dukakis Institute to align the development of AIWS 7-layer Model with the Next Generation Initiative. This model establishes a set of responsible norms and best practices for the development, management, and uses of AI so that this technology is safe, humanistic and beneficial to society.