Mikko Hypponen on IoT, AI in Cybersecurity and Privacy

Nov 25, 2018News, Practices in Cybersecurity

Over the years, machine learning has taken major leaps and become the basis for many security technologies as many of them rely on machine learning system. Regarding the risks, it can be used by attackers in the future. Mikko Hypponen shared his opinion about making preparation to protect user’s privacy and internet safety for the future.

People are now trying to automate, which can be done by connecting furniture to IoT appliances. However, this leaves your home exposed to attackers. To keep it safe from attack, “Put your IoT devices in a separate network segment. Do not allow any connectivity from the IoT segment to your production network. Keep their firmware up-to-date. Change the default credentials. Read the manuals,” said Mikko Hypponen.

In regard to online privacy, he suggested compartmentalizing your online life: separate your online identity from your real-world identity. For instance, name your Reddit account with something apart from your name and keep your information secured, by not revealing it on the internet at all.

Mikko Hypponen is a cybersecurity expert and columnist, the Chief Research Officer at F-Secure, who was awarded the Practitioner in Cybersecurity for his great work and active contribution to the public’s knowledge of cybersecurity by Boston Global Forum and Michael Dukakis Institute in 2015. He has been working with computer security for over 20 years and has fought the biggest malware outbreaks in the net.