Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s award acceptance speech and message to the Global Cybersecurity Day

Dec 12, 2015World Leaders in AIWS Award Updates

(Tokyo, December 12, 2015) –  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe extended his appreciation for being chosen as the recipient of Boston Global Forum’s World Leader in Cybersecurity Award, and expressed his commitment to take all efforts to reinforce the cybersecurity both in Japan and abroad. 

The messages was sent to Boston Global Forum’s Global Cybersecurity Day First event which was held in  the America-Japan Society,  Tokyo at 12:00 noon local time on December 12, 2015 ( at 10:00 PM December 11 in Boston time).

In the PM Abe’s view, cybersecurity is a critical issue to the national security and Japan’s crisis management, as well as an important element fostering the Japan’s Growth Strategy. He said his government will “take all possible means to ensure cybersecurity”, given its mission of successfully hosting Ise-Shima Summit in 2016, Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020.

In his speech, PM Abe also stressed that “We are now engaged as a national in all our efforts to reinforce cybersecurity. Theses include the Government’s enactment of the Basic Action Cybersecurity in Nov 2014 and a Cabinet Decision taken in Sep this year on our new Cybersecurity Strategy”, and expressed his commitment to cooperate with international communities in the fight against cyber crime: “Japan will continue to cooperate closely with the US and other partners in the International community, reliably safeguard our nation’s important information and property while playing a leading role in achieving the peace and stability of the international community.”

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