German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s thank you message to BGF’s Award

Jan 13, 2016World Leaders in AIWS Award Updates

The Boston Global Forum is very pleased to have received a message from German Chancellor Angela Merkel thanking the BGF for naming her a “World Leader for Peace, Security and Development’’.


Gov.  Michael Dukakis, BGF’s chairman, in announcing the award,  said that Chancellor Merkel has “worked tirelessly toward these goals, not only in Germany, but in the European Union and adjoining regions.

“Now in her 10th year as chancellor, she has a legacy few post-war European leaders can match. She has led Germany through its economic recovery, while also holding together the Euro Zone as it faced the danger of default by a member nation. She has led the  European response to the crisis in Ukraine, promoting tough sanctions while speaking out against those who would escalate the military conflict.

“Most recently  she has led the European response to the  {Mideast} refugee crisis and done so by example, opening Germany’s borders and doors to nearly a million asylum seekers.’’

Mr. Ralf Horlemann, consul general in Boston for the Federal Republic of Germany, in expressing the chancellor’s appreciation for the award, told Governor Dukakis:

“It is a great honor to receive the award in recognition of her leadership and contributions to peace and security. The German government will continue to work for a European solution to the challenges of migration and thus contribute to peace and security in Europe and beyond.’’