Five G7 leaders to meet in Germany

Apr 24, 2016Global Alliance for Digital Governance, World Leaders in AIWS Award Updates

( April 25th, 2016) In what seems at least in part preparation for the G7 Summit coming up May 26-27 in Japan,  German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a G7 nation, hosted a meeting April 25 of leaders from G7 members Italy, France,  the United States  and Britain. The other G7 members are Japan and Canada.

Ms. Merkel’s agenda included the war in Syria, the relationship between Russia and Ukraine;  the possible challenge of a mass migration from Libya to Europe in the coming months, which, of course, would worsen Europe’s woes in trying to deal with the flood of refugees from Syria, and the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Ms. Merkel’s guests at the meeting April 25, besides Mr. Obama: French President François Hollande, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renz