Sony Pictures and Swift hacks might be linked



The Guardian reports that, Symantec, an Internet security-research firm, have found clues in the malware used to hack into international financial-messaging network Swift that suggest a link to the Sony Pictures hack in 2014. That hack has been attributed by many to North Korean hackers, acting at the direction of the North Korean regime in retaliation for a movie called The Interview that made fun of dictator Kim Jong-un. Read this link.

The Guardian reported that Swift itself has vowed to improve its security following the hacks.  Swift Chief Executive Gottfried Leibbrandt said: “Banks can learn from one another about the modus operandi and put better preventive measures in place; entities like Swift can serve as the information-sharing channel, and we can develop indicators of compromise to help those banks improve their detective capabilities.’’

“We are doing so. But information sharing needs to get better, much better.”