Building US-European Alliance-Japan-India as the Pillars for World Peace and Security

Dec 11, 2022Papers & Reports, Publications

Boston Global Forum, Harvard University Loeb House, November 23, 2022

  1. Why?
  • Global insecurity resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s threatening posture toward Taiwan, India, and East and SE Asia
  • The need to pool the resources and efforts of the US, European Alliance, Japan, and India – The Pillars of World Peace and Security – to address threats to peace and security.
  1. Concepts:
  • To create innovative and technologically advanced economies as models for the world. They are pillars of innovation, tech economy.
  • To uphold the norms, standards, and values required for world peace and security
  • To apply and expand the norms, standards, and values to nations who accept the opportunity, commitment, and values that they represent.
  • Roles, voices, impacts, decisions of each pillar depend on their contributions in building US-European Alliance-Japan-India Pillars for World Peace and Security, and then apply and expand to nations who accepts this model, paragon to join and become a Pillar nation for World Peace and Security.
  1. Fundamental:

Standards, Norms and Values: As provided by UN conventions and the Boston Global Forum’s Social Contract for the AI Age and AIWS Values

  1. Economy:
  • Dominant tech economy, innovative economy. Innovative and tech-driven economy
  • Every individual become innovators in the Global Enlightenment Age. Communities and citizens as sources of innovation
  • Innovation communities of these Pillars. Create a new economy model of collaboration public – private for maximum resources, faster, smarter, more effective and more innovative. Public-private collaboration is necessary. Economic system rooted in public-private collaboration to encourage innovation and expand applications of technology
  1. Protect peace and security:
  • Support and Respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations.
  • Promote and Protect Standards and Values between pillars and in all nations.
  1. Education:

The Global Enlightenment Education Program for all people in accordance with Social Contract for the AI Age and AIWS Values:

  • The Social Contract for the AI Age
  • AIWS Values
  • World History: concise, true, independent, scientific
  • Innovation ecosystem where everyone can become innovator. Strengthen communities and individuals’ capacity for innovation
  • Art and Music: Symphonies and Chamber Music, art and music for Peace and Reconciliation
  • Deepen respect for and understanding of nations’ cultures, histories, and peoples
  • Data literacy
  1. Challenges and strategies to win:


  • Inside India
  • Inside European Alliance
  • Inside Japan
  • Inside US
  • Consensus between 4 pillars.


  • Foster agreements and cooperation on innovation and technological progress among India, EU, Japan, and US.
  • Create a common market for mutual benefit, for innovative economy, special for tech economy.
  • Create a network of distinguished thinkers, innovators, business leaders, policymakers, decision makers to solve challenges. Consider as a solution for this special network.
  • Global Alliance for Digital Governance to contribute solutions to solve challenges.
  1. Expand the Pillars Initiative to nations whose values, interests, and commitments align with those of the founding four Pillars:

Consider: Australia, Canada, South Korea, Israel, Brazil, and South Africa.