Vietnamese Writers and Artists accompanying AIWS for Global Enlightenment

Mar 5, 2023News

Vietnamese writers Michelle Nguyen and Nguyen Dinh Thang, as well as renowned singer Bui Thi Thuy, have teamed up with AIWS-The Age of Global Enlightenment to promote education and raise awareness of the initiative’s 7-layer model for building a society deeply integrated with AI.

The initiative seeks to promote a more ethical, inclusive, and sustainable world by encouraging the development of AI technologies aligned with ethical principles that can help to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. Its 7-layer model includes the Social Contract for the AI Age and the Global Enlightenment Economy, as well as Global Enlightenment Education which promotes the idea that “every citizen is an innovator” and aims to bridge the divide between AI in all areas.

Michelle Nguyen, an accomplished writer, is thrilled to work with AIWS to promote global awareness and education. She firmly believes in the potential of technology and AI to create positive change in the world and is eager to explore new ways to use these technologies to promote ethical and sustainable development. Similarly, Nguyen Dinh Thang, a prominent business leader with expertise in IT and banking industries and a passion for promoting access to quality education for all, is enthusiastic about the project.

Together, Michelle Nguyen and Nguyen Dinh Thang have just published the book “AI in the Age of Global Enlightenment,” inspired by the book “Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment.” The book explores the potential of AI to promote ethical and sustainable development, in line with the principles of AIWS.

Renowned singer Bui Thi Thuy is also excited to be part of this initiative. She believes that music can be a powerful tool for promoting the core value of “every citizen is an innovator and creator” and is looking forward to using her platform to raise awareness of the pioneering concepts of AIWS and to inspire people to think critically about the future of technology and AI.

Together, these talented artists and writers are making a significant contribution to the global conversation about the future of technology and AI. Through their work with AIWS-The Age of Global Enlightenment, they are helping to remake the world towards an Age of Global Enlightenment. They hope that their efforts will inspire others to think critically about the role of technology and AI in shaping the future of our world and work towards a more ethical and inclusive society.

Singer Bui Thi Thuy

Writers Nguyen Dinh Thang and Michelle Nguyen