UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Week Roundtable “Global Enlightenment Education solve misinformation and disinformation”

Oct 31, 2021News

On October 28, 2021, to promote and support UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Week, Boston Global Forum organized the Roundtable “Global Enlightenment Education solve misinformation and disinformation”. Mr. Ramu Damodaran, the first Chief of United Nations Academic Impact and Co-Chair of the United Nations Centennial Initiative, was the moderator of the Roundtable.


Prime Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija, member of Club de Madrid, one of Coordinators of Global Alliance for Digital Governance raised:

In last two years, Boston Global Forum and Club de Madrid, and UN Academic Impact as well, collaborated especially in the context of putting together the Social Contract for the AI Age, putting efforts together as an alliance of like-minded people and entities to do something that will cause to get artificial intelligence, an issue of artificial intelligence, closer to what the purpose of every technology is supposed to be, which is, basically speaking, for progress and prosperity of the human being.

In that context, Boston Global Forum participated a lot in Club de Madrid Policy Dialogue that was dealing with an issue of we think in major topics of democracy.

To solve disinformation and misinformation practically, we build the new information ecosystem that has to be built as a result of the technological developments and prospects of democracy that we want to build.


Professor David Silbersweig, Harvard University, Board Member of Global Enlightenment Education Program, introduced the Global Enlightenment Education Program as an important part of AI World Society and the United Nations Centennial Initiative, and said:

The increased powers that technology gives it and the increased powers of the nation states and bad actors are small groups and the vulnerability of the population to mass manipulation on a scale and with an acceleration that is enabled by the technology so the solutions need to be technologically enabled and need to be informed by our latest understanding.