The US is aiming to make a national effort in protecting cyberspace

Oct 8, 2018News, Practices in Cybersecurity

Under Trump administration, his advisers are in search for cybersecurity moonshot. Cyber Moonshot refers to a clear plan for securing the digital landscape over the next five years originated from the first moon landing of the US, but it lacked the vision for harnessing prowess and outcome.

Technology is developing in an unprecedented speed, while cybersecurity is not catching up with the pace due to several violations lately. “This current approach to cybersecurity isn’t working,” said Scott Charney, Vice Chairman of the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. “This is the beginning of a conversation.”

We can see many incidents such as the constant breaches in user’s information on Facebook and manipulation in election system in US. They don’t seem to slow down. So the call for Cyber Moonshot is extremely essential. We need to prepare for the worst can happen to its continual threat. By creating a systematic plan and cyber defenses, the moonshot can create a baseline level of confidence and readiness to cyberattack when it occurs.

Through his leadership, Scott is having a profound influence on current thinking in cybersecurity technology, policy, legal matters, and international relations. He was honored as the Business Leader in Cybersecurity by BGF in December 2016.