The Speech of President of Club de Madrid Danilo Turk at the Conference “Remaking Ukraine – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment”

May 15, 2022AIWS City and Rebuilding Ukraine, News

Distinguished participants, it is an honor to join you this morning on this important and solemn occasion. I thank Boston Global Forum and Latvian Transatlantic Organization for inviting me to deliver some remarks on the issue that brings us together today. On the issue of Ukraine, on behalf of the club of Madrid, I wish to express our most sincere solidarity with the people of Ukraine and its heroic president Volodymyr Zelensky. Mr. Zelensky’s leadership is inspiring his people, as it is inspiring the world. We wish him the best to bring peace to people of Ukraine, to people he serves, and we fully support the basic principles and values for the people of Ukraine. What the people of Ukraine are fighting for, peace, self-determination, democracy, as well as political independence and territorial integrity, must prevail and will prevail. We in the Club de Madrid support and will continue to support the people of Ukraine in their struggle. The armed conflict in Ukraine is of global significance, and we can clearly see evidence of global support in the United Nations and elsewhere. This was clearly expressed in a series of resolutions adopted by the General Assembly, and that support is going to continue. These resolutions are also evidence of commitment of the international community to the cause of peace and peaceful cooperation among nations.

Ladies and gentlemen, today you will discuss all aspects of the situation in Ukraine, including the international assistance to the rebuilding of the country when peace returns. It is hard to say that this aspect of your discussion is not timely. The war is going on, but it is timely to start discussing about the need to rebuild the country and to bring full normalcy to the country. One of the most important humanitarian and political tasks will be the return of many refugees who have left Ukraine and who will want to go back to their homes. It is very important that the questions relating to the rebuilding of the country and creating conditions for the return are discussed now, and this particular aspect will be of particular relevance for the future. I wish you in your deliberations all success, and let me once again state, we members of the Club de Madrid World Leadership Alliance fully support and are fully in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.